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Current Announcements
  • Course registration for the winter semester 2018/19 will take place from 03.09.-17.09.2018 (23:59) via the LSF.
  • The presentation for applying for courses via the LSF can be found here.
  • If you consider yourself a "Härtefall" (and therefore can only take specific courses), please write an e-mail to Please note that a job does NOT count as a "Härtefall"!

General Information

  • First semester students do not register during the phase of course registration, but during the O-Woche. The Fachschaft Englisch offers help with this. You can find the dates here.
  • Please inform yourself about the courses via the KVV and the List of Courses.
  • You can find information on which courses you need here.
  • When you apply has no effect on your chance of getting into the course you want.
  • Putting down just one preference does not mean that you will automatically get that course. The more preferences you give us, the greater the chance of getting a course (although it may not be your first preference).
  • The presentation for applying for courses via the LSF can be found here.
  • The form for switching courses can be found here.
  • Nebenfach Journalistik: You can find a German How-to here.


To ensure that you receive important emails regarding the course registration process, please add the following addresses to your address book to ensure that they are not treated as spam.

For general queries about the course registration procedure, please email

For specific questions about modules, prerequisites and so on, please contact the appropriate course registration coordinator:

Please be sure to meet the minimum standards of a polite conversation or request.
Minimum standards are:

  • a form of address
  • a description of your case or request
  • your name and your matriculation number
  • a closing form