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12 July 2018: DFB Museum

  • 12.00-13.00 Lunch at the N11 Bar & Restaurant (top floor of the museum, optional)
  • 13.00-15.00 Visit to the permanent exhibition of the DFB Museum (optional)

15.00-16.20 Conference Opening and Panel 1: Cultural Theory

  • Mick O'Hara and Connell Vaughan (Dublin): "Twitter and the Modern Soccer Apology: A Derridean Analysis"

    • Abstract

  • Ridvan Askin (Basel): "The High Theory of Soccer"

    • Abstract

  • 16.20-16.40 Coffee Break

16.40-18.00 Panel 2: Class, Community and Writing

  • Ian Watson (Bremen): "The Fifth Beatle. Class, Football and Writing in Britain in the Last Sixty Years"

    • Abstract

  • Manfred Malzahn (Al Ain): "Against the Odds: The Thistle and the Grail by Robin Jenkins"

    • Abstract

  • 19.00 Drinks and Dinner (Kumpel Erich, Kreuzstr. 87, 44137 Dortmund)

13 July 2018: IBZ Dortmund

9.30-10.00 Opening

  • Gerold Sedlmayr, Dean of the Faculty of Culture Studies: Welcome to TU Dortmund University

  • Ridvan Askin, Catherine Diederich and Aline Bieri (in absentia): Book Launch - The Aesthetics, Poetics, and Rhetoric of Soccer

10.00-11.30 Reading and Discussion

  • Anthony Cartwright (London): "After Industry: Football Fiction and Narratives of Decline"

  • 11.30-11.50 Coffee Break

11.50-13.10 Panel 3: Football and Realism

  • Ian Plenderleith (Frankfurt): "Football Stories: From Fictitious Reality to 'real' Fiction"

    • Abstract

  • Levi Nagy (Budapest): "The Reality of Football and Football Literature"

    • Abstract

  • 13.10-14.00 Lunch Break

14.00-15.20 Panel 4: Ideology and Non-fiction

  • Adam Kadlac (Wake Forest University): "It's Just a Game (and that's more than enough)"

    • Abstract

  • Muhammed Musa (Al Ain): "Writing Football: Beyond the Fallacy of Ideological Safety"

  • 15.20-15.40 Coffee Break

15.40-17.00 Panel 5: Parody and Paraphernalia

  • Kristof K.P. Vanhoutte (Rome / University of the Free State, SA): "Soccer as a Parody of the World/Life"

    • Abstract

  • Victoria Allen (Kiel): "Narrating NE Myths through Football Paraphernalia"

    • Abstract

17.10-18.00 Readings, Discussion and Closing Remarks

  • Ian Watson (Bremen): "The Far Post, or: Why will nobody publish football poems?"

    • Abstract

  • Ian Plenderleith (Frankfurt): "The Quiet Fan"

  • 19.30 Drinks and Dinner (Schönes Leben, Liebigstr. 23, 44139 Dortmund)