Andreas Weilinghoff

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Office Hours

Summer Semester 21
  • by appointment via mail

Courses in the Summer Semester 2021

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Responsibilities & Research Interests
  • Linguistics
  • World Englishes
  • Scottish English
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Phonetics and Phonology
  • Forced Alignment and Automatic Speech Recognition
  • John Sinclair Bursary for best paper by an early career researcher at ICAME41 conference (Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Weilinghoff, Andreas (2020): ‘Aitken’s Law Revised: Vowel Length in 21st Century Scotland’. ICAME41 Conference, University of Heidelberg, Germany 20/05/2020.
  • Weilinghoff, Andreas (2020): ‘Aitken’s Law Revised: The Scottish Vowel Length Rule in 21st Century Scotland’. GULP (Glasgow University Laboratory of Phonetics), University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, 02/04/2020.
  • Weilinghoff, Andreas (2019): ‘Aitken's Law Revised: A large-scale investigation into the Scottish Vowel Length Rule’. Pluricentricity vs. Pluriareality - Models, Varieties, Approaches, University of Münster, Germany, 10/02/2019.