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Office Hours

Summer Semester 21
  • Since we are all (hopefully) safe at home, there will be only online office hours. They will take place Tuesdays 11h-12h (approximately) via Zoom. If you are interested in talking to me, please send me an email with your topic/issue and I will provide you with the log-in data.

Courses in the SS 21

  • A list of courses in past semesters can be found here.
Responsibilities & Research Interests
  • 21st Century British Fiction, Cultural Geography, Erotic Literature, Jungle Narratives, Depictions of Horror, Indian Culture and Literature
Questions and Answers

Q: How do I get into your courses? A: Please use the Course Registration. Students who send me an email will be encouraged to use the course registration so there is no need to try it any other way. The only exception concerns exchange students who simply come to the first session. If you do not show up to the first session, you lose your place! Please consider the amount of texts you have to get and read for the semester - the texts mentioned in the KVV are just the ones that you have to buy, there are more in the reader. That way you do not take too many courses the combined workload of which you cannot manage. It saves you troubles and frustration.

Q: I did not get a spot in your course after applying through the course registration. What do I do now? A: Come to the first session. Before we actually start, come to the front and put your name down on a waiting list. I cannot guarantee a spot in the various courses, but the moment someone from the list does not show up, I will take the students from the waiting list in order of their signed-in names.

Q:How do I discuss something with you? A: You come to my office during office hours. If you cannot make it, please send me an email with two or three suggestions (time and day). I will let you know if any of these is okay with me. I would prefer it though if you used my office hours - that is what they are there for.

Q: I would like to write my Bachelor/Master Thesis with you as first supervisor. Is that possible? A: It is. But before I give my final okay, you need to come and see me to discuss your idea. You should have an idea what you would like to write about and, ideally, you have already looked into secondary literature.

Q:I need my grade very urgently. Could you send me an email whether I passed and if so with what grade? A: I do not like to do that - if only one course wants me to do that, I am writing approximately 40 emails, which costs me a lot of time. You receive your grade and your essay/term paper during my office hours and you should remember to bring your "Studienbuch". With regard to the question of having passed the course or not: Always give it your best! That way you minimise the possibility of failing a course. Moreover, you should remember that it might take some time to correct your paper. Just as you have taken your time to carefully compose your paper, so will I carefully grade it. Handing in your paper and expecting it back within a week is not going to happen.

Q: I need to hand in my term paper but I will not be at the university. What do I do? A: First of all, I do not like to give extensions on deadlines - there is a reason why I give them in the first place. Always hand it in on time! Secondly, I want all essays or term papers printed out, so no email attachments. If you cannot be here when your essay or term paper is due, make sure that your text is by sending it by mail or by having a friend, acquaintance, someone (print it out and) hand it in. Should you not find me in my office, put the essay or term paper in my post box (located opposite Prof. Sedlmayr's office). -

Amendment: during these troubled COVID times, please send me an email with your paper, formatted as pdf document.