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Summer Semester 21
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Courses in the SS 21

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Responsibilities & Research Interests
  • Teaching: Introductions to Linguistics, seminars on morphology, sociolinguistics and semantics, seminars on the typology and morphology of sign languages.
  • Research interests: Endangered languages and revitalisation, typology and the morphology/syntax interface.
Curriculum Vitae

Christina Ringel completed her PhD at the University of Cologne with a thesis on possession in the endangered Aboriginal language Miriwoong (non-Pama-Nyungan, Jarrakan, Australia). Her undergraduate studies in linguistics in Paderborn and Düsseldorf focussed on language acquisition, computer linguistics and language diversity.

As a Research Assistant and Lecturer at Prof. Dr. Dany Adone’s Chair of Applied English Linguistics at Cologne University Christina co-organised workshops and guest lectures about Indigenous languages. As Events Coordinator of the Centre for Australian Studies she serviced the homepage and contributed to CAS activities such as by recording a lecture on possession in Kimberley languages for the elearning lecture course ‘Introduction to Australian Studies‘. Christina‘s current research interests include endangered spoken and signed languages and their revitalisation, typology, and the morphology/syntax interface. Her most recent conference papers and publications were concerned with contributions of linguistics to Native Title Claims, definiteness and possession in Miriwoong, and the influence of identification with territory and language and linguistic rights on language vitality. Since November 2017 she is employed as a Subject Librarian at TU Dortmund for a variety of subjects in the social sciences and humanities, including Linguistics and Literature Studies.

Christina is a research affiliate at the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language, and a member of professional societies such as the Foundation for Endangered Languages and the Society for Australian studies (GASt). She serves as Research Coordinator of the Centre for Australian Studies, on the Board of Directors of the CCLS, and on the Advisory Board of the FID AAC.

  • Ringel, Christina. 2021. “The contributions of linguistics to Native Title claims”. In Geoff Rodoreda & Eva Bischoff (eds.). Mabo’s cultural legacy - History, Literature, Film and Cultural Practice in Contemporary Australia. Anthem Press. [peer-reviewed].
  • Ringel, Christina. 2018. "Claiming vitality: How identification with territory and language influences language vitality". S. Drude, N. Ostler & M. Moser (eds.), Endangered languages and the land: Mapping landscapes of multilingualism, Proceedings of FEL XXII/2018. Reykjavík, Iceland. 4–13. London: FEL & EL Publishing. [peer-reviewed] Available online:
  • Ringel, Christina & David Newry. 2018. “The Miriwoong Perspective on Land Rights”. Beate Neumeier, Boris Braun & Victoria Herche (eds.). Nature and Environment in Australia. KOALAS 14. Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier. 119-137.
  • Murmann, Christina, Peter Indefrey, Thomas Weskott & Markus Steinbach. 2013. “Why FORGET needs help but HELP does not - An experimental study on the influence of animacy/ agreement on the distribution of the DGS agreement auxiliary PAM”. Poster at the 11th Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research (TISLR) Conference. University College London. July 2013.
Conference Presentations
  • 02/2021: PARADISEC at 100 ‘Informed Consent for Archiving’
  • 12/2020: Building Bridges (ALS 2020) ‘Linguistic Human Rights v Language Shift’
  • 10/2018: Australian Perspectives on Migration (GASt 16) ‘Migration & Language – Linguistic Rights in Australia’
  • 08/2018: Endangered Languages and the Land: Mapping Landscapes of Multilingualism (FEL 22) ‘Claiming Vitality – How Identification With Territory and Language Influences Language Vitality’
  • 11/2017: Mabo’s Cultural Legacy: The Mabo Decision, 25 Years On: ‘The Contributions of Linguistics to Native Title Claims’
  • 09/2017: Societas Linguistica Europaea 50: Christina Ringel & Agnes Armstrong. ‘Relating definiteness and exhaustivity to possession in an endangered Indigenous language of Australia’
  • 05/2017: Introduction to Australian Studies Lecture Series: ‘Focus on Kimberley Languages’. Centre for Australian Studies, University of Cologne.
  • 09/2016:
    • Society for the History of Linguistics in the Pacific 5: ‘Linguistic Research Methods in remote Australia’
    • Nature and Environment in Australia (GASt 15): Christina Ringel & David Newry. ‘The Miriwoong Perspective on Land Rights’; Dany Adone & Christina Ringel. ‘Possessive constructions in two varieties of Australian Kriol’
  • 07/2016: Cambridge Postgraduate Workshop on Endangered Languages and Cultures: ‘Researching possession in an indigenous language of Australia’ (accepted)
  • 05/2015: Stuts 57: ‘My house, my car, my hollow log - Possessive Pronouns in Miriwoong’
  • 11/2013: Stuts 54: ‘Predicative Possession in Miriwoong’
  • 09/2013: Mirima Linguistic Forum 7: ‘Possession in Miriwoong – Meanings of HAVE’
  • 04/2013: Sign Language Research Laboratory Haifa Workshop: ‘Why FORGET needs help but HELP does not – an experimental study on the DGS agreement auxiliary PAM’
  • 05/2012: Stuts 51: ‘What is so special on the agreement auxiliary in German Sign Language?’
  • 11/2011: Stuts 50: ‘Kheuól - What does a french-based Creole do in Brazil?’
  • SS 19:
    • ‘Triggering HAVE and BELONG constructions with Language Games’ Oberseminar Prof. Dr. Dany Adone (UzK): Topics in Synchronic Linguistics
  • WS 18/19 :
    • ‘Triggering HAVE and BELONG constructions with Language Games’ Linguistik Kolloquium PD Dr. Michael Rießler (Universität Bielefeld)
  • SS 17:
    • ‘The Culture of possession in Miriwoong’ Hauptseminar Prof. Dr. Dany Adone (UzK): Topics in Synchronic Linguistics
    • ‘Introduction to Kimberley Languages’ Ringvorlesung Prof. Dr. Dany Adone and Prof. Dr. Beate Neumeier (UzK): Introduction to Australian Studies
  • SS 16:
    • ‘Researching Kimberley Kriol’ Oberseminar Prof. Dr. Dany Adone (UzK): Readings in Linguistics, Changing Signs – Australian Languages
    • ‘The role of the speaker and the linguist’ Hauptseminar Prof. Dr. Dany Adone (UzK): Australian Studies: Language Endangerment and Documentation
  • SS 15:
    • ‘Fieldwork with the Miriwoong People’ Vorlesung Prof. Dr. Dany. Adone (UzK): Languages in Australia
  • WS 14/15:
    • ‘I have one sister, two legs and three axes – Using language games to document possession in Miriwoong’ Masterkolloquium Dr. Melanie Wratil (HHU Düsseldorf): Morphologie und Syntax
    • ‘Possessive pronouns in Miriwoong’ Seminar PD Dr. F. K. Erhard Voeltz: Possession, Morphologie, Syntax, Semantik
  • SS 14:
    • ‘Possession in Miriwoong’, Hauptseminar Prof. Dr. Dany Adone (UzK): Morphosyntax of Australian Languages
Science communication
  • 2019
    • Ringel, Christina & Stefanie Spiegelberg. 'Was Sprachen über uns erzählen'. Information desk and poster session at TU Dortmund's summer fair in celebration of UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages. 4 July 2019.
    • Ringel, Christina & Melles, Warsa. Language maintenance & revitalisation. Poster at the poster session at TU Dortmund's summer fair. 4 July 2019.
  • 2018
    • Ringel, Christina. Chair of the panel discussion at the GASt conference 2018, Düsseldorf. 5 October 2018.
  • 2017
    • Ringel, Christina. Alumni-Kolloquium Studienfonds OWL: ‘Feldforschungsmethoden für bedrohte Sprachen Australiens' 24 May 2017.
Scholarships and Certificates
  • 09/2017: Dr. Mocker Foundation conference travel grant (UoC), a.r.t.e.s. international travel grant (UoC)
  • 09/2016: Dr. Mocker Foundation conference travel grant (UoC)
  • 08/2015 - 09/2015: DAAD/FEL-funded research stay at Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring (MDWG) Language And Culture Centre; Kununurra/ Western Australia
  • 07/2014 - 10/2014: DAAD/FEL/FAZIT-funded research stay at MDWG
  • 03/2014: Certificate ‘Intercultural competence’ (HHU)
  • 03/2013 - 09/2013: DAAD-funded internship at MDWG
  • 10/2011: Certificate ‘German as a Foreign Language’ (HHU)
  • 07/2011 - 10/2011: DAAD-funded research stay in Oiapoque, Macapá, Belém/ Brazil
  • 03/2009-10/2009: OWL grant in Acknowledgement of Outstanding Achievements (UPB)