Developing intercultural, and text and media competences in dealing with English literature and culture

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Summer Semester 2020

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154528 Developing intercultural, and text and media competences in dealing with English literature and culture 2 HS Mi 16:00 - 19:00
  • Start: 06.04.2020
R. U.331 Nold
Course Description

This class will be taken in 10 sessions. The following dates you will get in the first meeting.

In this class we are going to have a twofold perspective: On the one hand, we will study intercultural communicative competences, text and media competences theoretically and with an emphasis on learning and teaching at different age levels, lower and upper secondary education. On the other hand, we will connect this theoretical knowledge with our analysis and interpretation of literary works including their film versions and with cultural topics.
The literary works and their respective film versions will be, among others, Shakespeare´s The Tempest, Wilde´s The Importance of Being Earnest, and Ernest Cline´s Ready Player One. Cultural topics will be the significance of the sea – in contrast to, e.g., woods, forests and mountains, the encounter of the Other in an unknown world, and, the concept of gentleman based on a publication by John H. Newman; with regard to the two dramas and especially Ready Player One, we will look at the way identities are constructed based on text and visual media.
We will study the texts and use the film versions in partner or group work to study, among others, the sociopragmatic language behavior of characters in interaction; this is one facet of the intercultural communicative competence.
Also, we will be studying dramatic and scenic texts as models for language behavior in creative role play for teaching purposes.


Several of the theoretical texts on icc, text- and media competences will be provided electronically.


Requirements of this class depend on the study program of the participants.

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