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Contact Information
Randi Gunzenhäuser
Current Announcements

  • If you want to write a BA- or MA thesis with me, please register for the Whiteboard course.
  • From now on: Please turn in every written assignment also electronically, by email attachment, as pdf (papers, B.A. thesis, M.A. thesis, dissertation).
  • Gutachten für Bewerbungen und Stipendien müssen mindestens vier Wochen vor Bewerbungsschluss angefragt werden.

Office Hours

Summer Semester 21
  • digitally after email

Courses in the SS 21

  • A list of courses in past semesters can be found here.
Responsibilities & Research Interests
  • Amerikanistik; Literature, the arts, and performative cultures of Romanticism; rapture, pleasure and the aesthetics of the affects; US-American popular cultures since the 19th century; melodrama in old and new media; Modernism and Postmodernism; performative and immersive aspects of literature, theater, film, and digital media; video games, game studies; urban soundscapes; media and the city; green-building standards from a cultural-studies perspective; forms of comedy in US-American city culture; sitcoms; gender studies; masculinity studies; the function of skin in US-American texts since 1800.