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five-week stay

This scheme offers students of English an opportunity to spend five weeks in an English secondary or primary school working as a German language assistant. It’s a “win-win” arrangement: you acquire valuable experience for your future career by working in a school and helping with foreign-language teaching, get the chance to live with an English family, and to be part of a community (the school) which will welcome you in; the school profits from having an enthusiastic, young native speaker to help out in the classroom and bring the language to life for learners of German. It is this mutual benefit that has made the scheme so successful over the last decade or so.

We have links with English schools in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Devon, and London. About 6 students per term spend five weeks in an English school at their own expense (the accommodation is usually with a teacher’s family). They teach around 12 lessons of German a week, and often help out or watch lessons in other departments (art, music, science, sport) as well, depending on their second subject or personal interests. It is also possible to have the five weeks counted as teaching practice (Theorie/Praxis-Modul). The schemes take place during late Feb/early March and September/early October, so there is normally no clash with university courses.

Our London school is a muliticultural school in a deprived area. The school is fully inclusive and has many pupils with a range of disabilities and learning needs, which makes it particularly suitable for students of English with an interest in special education.

Semester-long stay

Dronfield Henry Fanshaw School in Derbyshire, England would like to host one of our students for an entire semester. As this is a longer period of time and such a unique opportunity, an interview will accompany the written application. Please see below for further information and the application form.

Contact Person for either stay: Emily Stutz