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Welcome to the pages on Sprachpraxis – “English Language Skills”.

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Members of Staff in Sprachpraxis

The Six Pillars of Sprachpraxis

The English language is the glue that binds together the various disciplines you study within the Department. It is important therefore to realise that your own proficiency in English will be a key factor in determining how well you do in your English studies – and not just in Sprachpraxis itself. In this Department we pride ourselves on the fact that English is not only the subject of study, but also – to a very large extent – the medium of study.

As a student of English you clearly need to be committed to working on your English and constantly striving to improve. At the beginning of your studies we expect you already to have achieved a level of proficiency in English roughly equivalent to C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency), as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages developed by the Council of Europe. By the time you leave us, you ought to have achieved at least the “Mastery” associated with level C2. This is a reasonable aspiration for anyone entering a profession in which they will be regarded as a “specialist” in English.

The courses and support we offer in Sprachpraxis to help you along this path are organised around six pillars: